Ayuda, doctor: Connecting doctors and Spanish speaking patients

Welcome to Ayuda, doctor.

This blog was created as a space to reflect on the care of Spanish speaking patients in a medical setting. The central focus will be the adaptation of Spanish for healthcare professionals courses in order to better support and improve that care. My interest and passion came from my working in clinical settings with Spanish speaking patients and English speaking providers. That experience has driven me to find ways to better educate medical staff in providing comprehensible, culturally sensitive care to this population. Although this topic is part of my current thesis, I do not intend to write solely on the aspect of dialect variations in the doctor-patient interview. Instead, I will expand the scope to include other cultural and linguistic factors.

The title of this blog, “Ayuda, doctor” (help, doctor) reflects fears I experienced navigating a foreign healthcare system in another language while being ill. All I wanted say was “Just help me! Please!” But I found that the complications of two cultures and languages coming together made receiving adequate  sensitive care more difficult than I had imagined. The aim of this blog is to reflect on ways to enable medical professionals to respond to that the cries of “ayuda, doctor” in a culturally appropriate and linguistically competent manner.

I hope this blog inspires you to reflect on how we are teaching and preparing medical professionals to care for this population.



About abennink

Spanish and English instructor, medical interpreter and health educator. My passion around healthcare, equality, languages and education motivates me to continually seek to develop my skills in each area while also designing ways to use each one to improve the others.
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One Response to Ayuda, doctor: Connecting doctors and Spanish speaking patients

  1. ¡Bienvenida a la blogosfera! Me encanta tu nuevo blog, te ha quedado genial. Tu primer post promete bastante de este proyecto, la explicación del título le ha dado un toque muy cercano y humano.

    Nos seguimos leyendo, abrazos.


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