Spanish for Medical Professionals Immersion Course

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Though it has been awhile since my last post, I would like to start off a new year of blog writing by promoting a Spanish for medical professionals immersion course that is being offered this summer in Oviedo, Spain. What makes this course unique is its focus not only on the language but also on cultural aspects that arise when working with Latino patients in the healthcare setting. As often discussed here in this blog, culture and beliefs can impact communication and health outcomes and are, thus, an important topic to include in medical Spanish classes.

Classes: Each day, students attend four hours of classes (Grammar and Vocabulary, Medical Terminology, Strategies for Good Communication in the Medical Interview, and Hispanic Culture: Beliefs and Myths in the Healthcare Setting), for a total of 80 classroom hours.

Practicum: Students will have the opportunity to work along side Spanish medical professionals, in order to practice and further internalize the knowledge and the skills they are learning. The practicum will be tailored to the academic level and experience of the professional.

Seminars: University of Oviedo is known for having one of the most prestigious medical schools in Spain. Students in the immersion course are invited to attend seminars offered by the medical school professors.

Cultural Activities: Extracurricular cultural activities are included to allow students to enjoy part of Spanish and Asturian culture while they are abroad. For example, students will visit the parts of Asturias such as the towns of Cangas de Onís and Covadonga as well as take a walk in the mountains to see the lakes of Covadonga. Another excursion will also be to León and Astorga so that students can experience more of Spain and Spanish culture.

Course Dates: The course runs from May 27th to June 23rd

Minimum Requirements: The course is open to all those who work in the healthcare field –or are studying to do so– and have at least an intermediate (B1) level of Spanish. Class sizes are limited in order to promote quality learning and group interaction. Registration closes February 15th.

For more information, you can access the course website here or check out the flier below.

Spanish for medical Professionals folleto final REV


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Spanish and English instructor, medical interpreter and health educator. My passion around healthcare, equality, languages and education motivates me to continually seek to develop my skills in each area while also designing ways to use each one to improve the others.
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